Creating for Mobile: Best Practices & Training for Facebook

At Genero, we’ve collaborated with Facebook on a series of briefs from their clients, who are looking for creators to take existing video assets and optimise them for mobile.

We want to make sure you can deliver the best content possible, so read on to find out how to complete Facebook Blueprint’s free ‘Optimizing Video Content’ course, as well as our tips for creative best practices to keep in mind when developing your ideas!

Facebook Blueprint Training

In order to pitch on selected briefs, you must complete a course via Facebook Blueprint, which will step you through practical tips to optimise existing video for Facebook and Instagram. To access the course and have your account ‘badged’ as being trained, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register for Facebook Blueprint. Make sure you register with the email address connected to your Genero account. When asked what you use Facebook to advertise for, select ‘A client’s business’, and type ‘Genero’ in the Agency name section.
  2. Complete the ‘Optimize Creative for Mobile: Advanced’ course. The course should only take 15 minutes, and will give you a great understanding of the best creative ideas and practices for this brief.
  3. Add your course certificate to your Genero profile. To find your certificate, view the course again and click “View Award”. When the certificate opens, copy the URL of that page, and paste it into your Genero profile here. Remember to click “save”.

Tip: Many Facebook briefs will only be sent to individuals or a small pool of pre-selected creators. To be selected for access to these briefs, you will need to complete the Facebook training and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise when pitching!

Best Practices for Facebook Briefs

Want to pitch amazing creative concepts? Keep the following creative guidelines from Facebook in mind!

  • Capture attention quickly: People make split second decisions around what content they want to engage with as they scroll through their mobile feeds, so capturing attention in the first few seconds is key. Think about flipping traditional story arcs to grab attention. Consider fast motion, quick cuts and definitely include branding up front.
  • Design for sound off, but delight with sound on: Knowing that most people will consume video content in a mobile feed without sound, design your video to communicate clearly in this environment. Make sure to express your message visually or with words (text, graphics) to let people see, rather than hear, your core message.
  • Be creative/Play more: Ready to get creative? The best performing Facebook and Instagram content is original, innovative and exciting. We want you to experiment and come up with unique creative ideas! Don’t be afraid to be bold.

For inspiration from successful brands around the world, you can find examples of great creative executions in the Facebook Creative Hub, and on this Facebook Inspiration page.

Good luck! Not registered with Genero? Become a creator here.