New feature on Genero: Collaborate with your team!

We’re currently in the process of rolling out a range of exciting new features on Genero, and we’re excited to share our newest update! You can now add key members of your filmmaking team to your pitch, and then collaborate with your team once you’ve been commissioned.

Add your filmmaker team to pitches

When pitching on Genero, you can now add your filmmaking team to your submission. This is an awesome way to highlight your team and their work to clients, and also means that your entire team can access the treatment from their own Genero accounts.

As you add team members to a pitch, you can choose their level of access, so a co-director or producer might be perfect to receive full access and communicate with the client, while you might have others in your crew who can view the treatment but not respond to messages.

For individual filmmakers, this means you can add collaborators to your pitch. For production companies, you can now pitch from a company profile but add your director, producer and any other crew using their personal profiles!

Get commissioned for a job with your team

If you’ve added team members to your pitch and get commissioned for the job, your team members will be able to access messaging, manage timelines, upload release forms and more. You can also add more collaborators at this production stage once you lock in crew, like adding your editor so they can upload the edits directly to the platform.

This new tool also means your entire team can now get credit for their work on the video! When the job is complete, the brief will appear as ‘Commissioned on Genero’ on your team members’ profiles along with their credit/role.

Ready for some teamwork? Invite your team to join Genero! Encourage them to add a profile picture, bio and examples of their work to get things looking good for your next pitch.

Do you have any in-progress or completed briefs on Genero? Add your team members to those briefs right now to give them the required access for current productions, or add a credit to their profile if the brief is complete! Just head to your dashboard, click through on the brief, then click the “who has access” button (top right) to add team members.