Animated Artwork: GROUPLOVE’s new music video for ‘Don’t Stop Making It Happen’

We love the 60’s psychedelic take on the song & how Hannah’s drawings become something animated & alive!

After already premiering some amazing music videos from Genero filmmakers for the rest of their album, GROUPLOVE have just shared a new one, animated by US filmmaker Alex Bosserman!

There was some strong competition from our talented community, but the band loved this psychedelic piece for ‘Don’t Stop Making It Happen’.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 9.27.20 AM

Alex incorporated singer Hannah Hooper’s album artwork for Big Mess into the video, and we asked him to tell us a little bit more about creating the piece:

I was inspired by previous Grouplove animations and their wacky style, the album artwork and of course Hannah Hooper’s art. That’s where the video begins, Hannah kicking things off with the cassette player, and then slowly approaching and flying into a impasto-painterly styled world. I’ve always appreciated music videos that weren’t afraid to take the song literally – what’s the point of a music video if it doesn’t reflect the lyrics? So we loosely follow a few characters who need to ‘keep making it happen’, and another who has no problem doing so. By the end we fly back out of the world and see the colors that surrounded the narrative forming the album cover itself.

From a technical standpoint this video was a huge learning experience for me, finding my capabilities in animation and also ‘loosening my hand’. Normally I’m quite a stickler for making everything as perfect as I can – but adopting this art style made me appreciate the ability to just let the ink flow and not worry too much about the technicality of it all. It was important that this video screamed Grouplove, so I borrowed style directly from the Grouplove Coloring Book, and I also recreated the album artwork color by color, and used those layers to build a world around the animations. In the end, I hope my video captures the thumping, fast moving vibe of the song.

Thanks to both Genero and Grouplove for the opportunity, and the band members themselves for creating music, stories and art that I love!

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A huge congrats to Alex, and a big thanks to everyone involved in the Big Mess brief! See all our latest filmmaking opportunities here.