Genero filmmakers help Trivago reach new markets around the world

Genero is a very powerful creative platform for finding the best teams across the world to make your dream video come true, fast and efficiently. It is also a great tool to coordinate the process of creation in one place. It can never get messy again! A perfect solution for shoots, re-edits and many more, that helps us get the best talent and execution. –¬†Sheli Efimova, Trivago

We recently worked with Trivago, who were looking to enter local Asian markets and wanted to utilise the same creative idea they’d used in their successful European campaign, but needed it adapted to appeal to local audiences. Using the European spot as the lead reference, the brief to recreate the ad for local markets was open to filmmakers across Asia, with Trivago commissioning two talented local filmmakers for the job.

South Korea based production company CONTENTED and Thailand based Red Films Asia each created a fantastic new spot that stayed true to the original creative, but was adapted to local culture and nuance and used local talent and locations so they could run the ads in Korea and Thailand.

After the success of the initial briefs, Trivago are now in production with Genero filmmakers in other parts of the world, creating further adaptions for other countries.

A huge congrats to both CONTENTED and Red Films Asia for their work on this one! Check out each of the videos below.

If you need to find local production companies and filmmakers in any market to create content that appeals to a local audience, post a brief now to find filmmakers in any part of world.