Official Selection: GROUPLOVE share new music video for Cannonball

We picked this video for Cannonball because we loved the ‘weird science’-esque interpretation of the song. It really brought it to an exciting & fantastical place for us. Can’t stop watching it!

After already premiering a bunch of ace music videos for their album Big Mess, we’re thrilled to share the next clip from GROUPLOVE commissioned via Genero!

We got some amazing video submissions for the brief, but the Official Selection for ‘Cannonball’ is by US based filmmaker Justin Halstead, who offered a grungy (and cute!) take on a time travel narrative.

We asked the filmmaker to tell us a bit more about putting this one together:

My wife and I are huge fans of Grouplove, and so we jumped at the chance to make a video for Big Mess. I knew I wanted to put my daughter in the video and Cannonball seemed the most appropriate choice for an off-the- wall toddler, so then I started to play with the idea of casting an adult as an older version of the toddler character.

I grabbed onto how behaviour by the toddler would seem cute while similar behaviour by the adult would make her seem eccentric and possibly disturbed. I needed a framework to put this all into, and that’s where the idea of the machine came in, built by a girl who doesn’t fit in and wants to return to her baby self, when she was free to be a cannonball. It was really fun coming up with the shots that mirrored their behaviour.

I built the machine by raiding the electronics recycling bin at work, which left us free to smash everything (it was all still recycled after, btw) For the exterior locations I relied on the beautiful Colorado landscapes close to home. I had some amazing help from family and friends, we all put our hearts into this project, and we’re so excited to have our video selected. Thanks Grouplove and Genero!

Big thanks to everyone involved with this one! Check out all the videos here, and check out our open briefs here!