Galantis premiere Official Lyric Video for ‘Louder, Harder, Better’

We were really blown away by the quality of submissions – It was hard to choose a selection, but La Pajarraca clinched it with the amazing animations of us playing live… so good! – Galantis

There was a lot of love for ‘Louder, Harder, Better’ by Galantis when we invited you to create lyric videos for the track, and now it’s time to share the Official Selection! A huge congratulations to Randi Luna Løfstedt and Laura Peralta of La Pajarraca, the animators behind this one.

We asked one of the directors, Luna, to tell us a little about the process behind the video! Here’s what she had to say:

“The production of the video was fun! We made it with a group of friends where we recorded ourselves singing and dancing. When we heard the song, we noticed that the strength is the voice of a girl singing, so we decided to accompany the lyrics with the action of singing. We thought it would be cool to include the artists of the song doing their performance. We also wanted to add some emotions that the music makes us feel as speed, acceleration of blood, how we feel when we dance, and when we get excited.

The colour palette of the video is based on the album cover, we used it as a background and basis for the animated figures. The centre of the animation is the trace of the images, recorded by us and others found in old movies. Our work is based on the mix of images made by hand and digital. For this video we decided to trace the different images frame by frame, creating an effect of continuous motion images and rustic quality.”


A special thanks to everyone who created a video for this one! See the full results including Staff Picks & Finalists here.