Driving through LA: Alabama Shakes premiere ‘Gimme All Your Love’ short film (Runner Up)

Last year Genero teamed up with Alabama Shakes to bring filmmakers the opportunity to create short films featuring ‘Gimme All Your Love‘ from acclaimed album ‘Sound & Colour‘ as the soundtrack. The band have gone on to win multiple GRAMMYs for their latest record, and now we’re thrilled to be premiering the Official Selection and Runners Up!

One of two Runners Up, this brilliant short about a Lyft driver in Los Angeles was directed by Jon Wong & Adrian Ehlman: 

Los Angeles, a warm glimmer of stirring streets where desire burns like a diesel engine. Strangers meet strangers, and others try not to, hiding secrets in the alleys in the heart of our city. Love can be ferocious; it can be dark, carrying that intangible feeling where one must question whether the love is real or one of its many imitations.

This short film follows the night of a driver through the city, driving different people with different stories – but when it comes to love, how different can we be? “Gimme All Your Love” reconciles with that ambivalence against the backdrop of LA.

A huge congratulations to the full cast and crew!
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Directed by Jon Wong & Adrian Ehlman
Producer: Tim Deters
Director of Photography: Brian Tang
Editor: Tim Deters
Sound Editing: Michael Ritter
1st AC: Joseph Yao
2nd AC: Sean wang
Production Coordinator: Johanna Ramm
Stunt Coordinator: Brandon Wanta
Make-Up: Joseph Yao
Casting Director: Alex Farah
Camera Operator: Rob Smat
Drone Operator: Raymundo Archilda
Production Assistants: Tiffany So and Julian Olea
Cast: Dana Cape, Alexandria Paige, and Corey Oleynick, James Wadsworth, Obi Iloh, Eric Anthony, Zach Taylor, Miley Khiev, Amanda Sorensen, Natalie Pellegrini
Special Thanks to Kathleen & Bryan Deters, Eliana Acouloumre, Sam Davis, Dylan Hurley, Elizabeth Peterson, Jonah Sanchez, Cinnamon Sary, Tiffany So, Daniel Tuchman, Martin Wong