Dive underwater with short film ‘Shelly’, a captivating portrait of a bewildered filmmaker

After her music video was selected for Röyksopp’s Running To The Sea, Brooklyn filmmaker Lauren Rothery used the money to fund this latest venture, a poignant short about a quirky young filmmaker.

Shot on a mix of formats, the film is a fascinating portrait of a young artist in the midst of a film project, struggling to balance reality with the imaginary world of her work. It’s a captivating little film, and Lauren along with DOP Jeff Melanson have done a beautiful job of bringing the story to life.

It’s a sad and sweet story, and Lauren’s sister Maddison Rothery (who you’ll recognise from the Royksopp video) is delightful as the incredibly earnest Shelly. Watch the full film above, and see more of Lauren’s work here.

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screenshot4343 Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.06.58 pm


Writer/Director/Editor – Lauren Rothery
Producer – Andrew Hutcheson
Co-Producer – Kelsey Lynn Stokes
Director of Photography – Jeff Melanson
Sound Mixer – Brian Flood
Production Designer – Guy Kozak
Costume Designer – Lucy McGrath
Composer – Jeff Melanson
Additional Music – Bunny Boy
1st Assistant Camera – Kyle Clark
Gaffer – Shane Moore
Digital InterMediate – Rob Bessette
Additional Photography (VHS) – Dominic Haydn Rawle, Gore Abrams

Cast – Maddison Rothery, Gore Abrams, Dominic Haydn Rawle, Michael De Nola & Andrew Hutcheson