Watch: Short film uses point of view to shine a light on sex trafficking.

We’re incredible proud of the videos our filmmakers created for our ‘Shine A Light On’ campaign, and this one is no exception. Renata Miranda & Agustina San Martin are the talented people behind this powerful short, which has been selected as a Runner-Up for the brief. Human and sex trafficking is sadly a serious issue in many parts of the world, and for these filmmakers, creating a video about the issue was a no-brainer.

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Here’s what director Renata Miranda had to say:

“We knew which social cause we were going to do since the beginning. Here in Argentina, there’s an extreme rate of sex trafficking. Girls are disappearing every day. Putting together this film, once we worked on the idea, was not that hard. The decision was the biggest deal! Are we really going to do this? Is it necessary? How far are we willing to go? Will people get the message or will they be grossed out… or even worse, aroused?

We knew we would have to work in weird point of view sex scenes, yet we were prepared and the actors were really professional. What was actually really amazing, was to find ourselves putting together this thing we really believed in, yet adding our style, our way of showing stories. Darkness and tenderness as part of it all. We hope the best for the video and the organisations involved in this cause. We’ve got to stop the demand.”

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