PREMIERE: Watch the official music video for ‘Beat Primal’ by Other Lives

Partnering with trio Other Lives, we invited filmmakers across the world to create the official music video for ‘Beat Primal’ from their brilliant third album Rituals.

After premiering our favourite videos all week, we are so excited to announce the band’s official selection, directed by Yasutaka Fukuda. A huge congratulations to Fukuda, who receives $5,000 for his work!


We caught up the animator and VFX artist from Japan, to chat about creating the video.

How did you first get started in animation? 

I was studying architecture at university. In order to visualize the construction of a space colony for a piece of work, I mastered 3D computer graphics. Since then I’ve continued video production with a focus on VFX.

Tell us about the process of creating the music video for Other Lives?

I drew a lot of images of the song. Eventually I had a favourite drawing, and created the previs. After that, I continued to work on it until I was satisfied! It was both fun and painful.



What equipment/software do you use?

I primarily use Cinema4D , After Effects and cups of coffee!

Do you have a favourite animator and animated film?

Yuri B. Norstein – Hedgehog in the fog

What inspires you?

80s music and Science Fiction novels. My favourite writers are Orson Scott Card and James Patrick Hogan.

What do you think is the best advice for up and coming animators?

Remember your original intentions, and watch a lot of good work!

A huge thanks to Fukuda for chatting to us! Take a look at our open briefs to get started on a filmmaking opportunity, and head to the results page to see our full list of Finalists and Staff Picks.