Make a film documenting the weird and wonderful world of Street Fighter

Capcom are looking for 5 filmmakers to create films focussing on the weird and wonderful culture of Street Fighter!

To celebrate and promote the much anticipated launch of Street Fighter V, we want 5 filmmakers to create shorts telling the story of Street Fighter in a unique and salient way, tapping into the audience’s love for this classic game and its iconography. You need to tell this story by unearthing and documenting the weird and wonderful world of Street Fighter and how since its debut, the franchise has permeated popular culture across music, art, fashion, design, occasionally in some quite strange places.

The key objective for the films are to get people talking about Street Fighter; to celebrate it’s cultural impact and pop-culture significance; for people to watch, love and share the films with their friends and networks.

Five directors will be selected to make their Street Fighter films based on their pitch (the subject of your film is key), and examples of previous work. Each director will be paid USD $11,000.

Check out the full brief, then begin your search to find and pitch an amazing Street Fighter story!


FANS! We need you too! Give our directors inspiration by sharing your real stories about how Street Fighter has permeated pop culture in weird and wonderful ways and your story could be made into a Street Fighter film. Share your stories on social media using #streetfighterstories, and we’ll collate them so our directors have a pool of real stories from real fans that could end up as one of the 5 Street Fighter films.

If you want to share longer stories, or connect with filmmakers, you’re welcome to get involved on our discussion board.