Genero Presents: Shine A Light On

We’re very excited to mark the launch of a new program called ‘Genero Presents‘. Under the Genero Presents banner we’ll be bringing you fantastic opportunities to work on original content, as well as a range of clients that we will curate across music, film, fashion, film etc. It’s our pleasure to kick things off with a very special brief: ‘Shine A Light On…

At Genero we’re passionate about trying to make a difference and we believe in the power of amazing content to change perceptions and influence behaviour. Our ‘Shine A Light On…‘ campaign aims to highlight social causes and use your amazing videos to try to make a difference.

We want you to make a 30″ or 60″ ad for a social cause of your choice that is effecting the world today. Make it creative, powerful and emotive. Your objective should be to make an ad that will make a difference, that people will want to watch and share.

Filmmaker Payments: $20,000
Submissions Due: May 19, 2015
Full Brief: