Brancott Estate + The Pioneer of the Wingsuit.

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Brancott Estate worked with us to commission a video series to help celebrate their pioneering spirit. The result is this inspiring film from The Progress Film Company, capturing the story of Jari Kuosma, pioneer of the wingsuit.


“Using a combination of stock and original footage, we wanted to create a series which would take us through time – from historical figures such as Columbus and Edison, to those pushing the boundaries in technology and science today. For our look to the future, we ventured to Stockholm to meet the infamous ‘BirdMan’, Jari Kuosma.

After tentatively suggesting Jari as our first choice to Brancott Estate, we weren’t entirely sure whether we’d be able to track this enigmatic legend down. We could not have been more surprised – we not only found him, but discovered that there was more to the story than we first imagined, leading to our intimate portrayal of a dream realised.”


You can check out the other two videos from their series below: