Bittersweet: Official music video premiere for ‘Medusa’ from Szymon


Newcastle singer-songwriter, Szymon Borzestowski, coats dark, well-crafted storytelling in warm, toe-tapping pop sensibility. The young composer spent the majority of 2008–2009 recording beautiful, meticulously arranged, indie pop.

Tragically, Szymon lost his battle with mental illness in 2012, taking his own life at the tender age of 23. What he left behind was a trail of breath-taking music, and on August 21 Szymon’s debut album, Tigersapp was released by Eloper Music, an independent label created for the record. Every note in the album – lovingly curated by his friends and family – was written and played by Szymon, including recorded clarinet, saxophone, drums and vocals. Tigersapp is as delightfully infectious as it is heart-rending.

We were honoured to be involved in the process of finding a music video for one of the tracks, and Genero filmmaker Sergio Pastore’s, sublimely melancholic animation for ‘Medusa’ captures the incredible beauty of Szymon’s mind. We asked Sergio to share his approach to this uniquely moving project.

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When I’m working on a video I usually start with a scene in my head and then I build a storyline around that, letting other images arise from the original concept. For this project, I had in mind this tree lost somewhere in the ocean, with clouds tied to his skeletal branches and with huge underwater roots. I used a mix of digital art and hand-painted elements, putting it all together like a photo collage. And I’ve taken care of everything, from concept and design to animation and editing.

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I tried to feel and capture the mood of this beautiful track, Medusa, and I think the basic concept of the video is the release of a new life cycle, through the sharing and exchange of energy. There’s an ending ​full of hope, I think, both in music and in pictures.

Thanks to Sergio Pastore for sharing his experience of this project with us. You can view more of his work here.

It’s truly saddening when young, talented musicians pass away ahead of their time. Particularly when you experience for yourself the sublime music they left behind. Tigersapp is now available here via Eloper Music, or listen to ‘Golden’, and ‘Medusa’, on Eloper Music’s Soundcloud.

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