Video job for Sydney: AU$8,000 Payment

City2Surf is looking for a filmmaker to shoot the live event then create a 2 minute promo video for use over the following 12 months.

They are looking to create a piece of video content that captures the flavour of City2Surf that can communicate this more broadly to those who haven’t previously entered as to why they should next year. The proposition is that this is the ‘one to run’.

You will need to be on site at the event on Sunday August 10 in Sydney, Australia. You must capture footage from the start, the course and the finish (as well as other mandatories which will be provided to the successful filmmaker).

The video will be used on the City2Surf web site, socials and some footage will be used in TVCs over the following year. The video shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes. The content piece for City2Surf may then be used as part of a broader promotional video piece across the whole City2Series which currently includes additional Events in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Live event: City2Surf, Sunday 10th August 2014
Video promo due: Monday 18th August
Total Payment: AU$8,000

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