Updated profiles, playlists, favs + more!

We’ve been hard at work developing some new tools for you to get the MOST out of your time on Genero! Today we’re happy to unveil:

Brand New Profile Pages

Put your best foot forward with Genero’s new profile pages. We’ve made it easy for you to craft a great profile, highlight your videos on Genero and give you space to tell everyone about you! If you don’t have videos uploaded to Genero we’ll highlight your favs and you can set a featured playlist.


Click the heart on a video to fav it! Find your favs in your public profile, or in My Genero.


Create playlists to make collections of videos from across Genero. Watch playlists in our new fullscreen experience!

Follow people’s activity

Follow other creatives by clicking that great big “follow” button on their profile. You’ll see their uploads, favs, playlists and comments in your activity feed in My Genero.

Brand new Credits tool

Link your video to other Genero profiles using our new credits tool. Are your cast and crew no on Genero yet? Invite them right from the page while you upload your video or edit your details.

There’s a ton of new stuff to play with and discover, and we’ll be dropping tips over the next week or two on all our social accounts.

To let us know what you love or what you’d like to see more of, contact us, or let us know via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.