Tribeca Interactive & Interlude Project Results

Launched in collaboration with Interlude, The Lincoln Motor Company and Tribeca Film Festival, our interactive music film challenge gave you an unprecedented opportunity to make a unique video for three rather talented musicians: Damon Albarn, Ellie Goulding & Aloe Blacc.

We were so proud of the innovation, creativity and effort that went into the submissions for this project, and couldn’t be happier to have received such a high calibre of interactive films from across the world.

After careful consideration, the official selections were made by Tribeca Film Festival jurors together with the artists, and we are extremely excited to be able to share the results!

Congratulations to the winning filmmakers, who each receive $10,000:

Cziwonamor (Poland) – Damon Albarn “Heavy Seas of Love” (Staff Pick)
Mohit Israney (India) – Aloe Blacc “Ticking Bomb”
Szabomate90  (Hungary) – Ellie Goulding “Dead in the Water” (Staff Pick)

We are so proud to be flying these talented filmmakers to New York this week, where they will be attending a special event at Tribeca Film Festival, showcasing their work and celebrating the project with a performance by Damon Albarn himself!

A big congratulations is also in order for the official finalists, who will have their work displayed at the film festival via interactive kiosks in official venues and lounges!

Aloe Blacc Finalists: – Nathalie – D.doran – Lawrence Chen (Staff Pick) – Armitage.pat

Damon Albarn Finalists: – Yellow Sub – Jennifer and Matthew (Staff Pick) – This Is Insomnia – Johnny-cullen (Staff Pick) – KAIROfilm (Staff Pick) – Elijahdiamond – Dannybeard (Staff Pick)

Ellie Goulding Finalists: – Nathan Kim (Staff Pick) – Mister WH (Staff Pick) – Brad_Mav.NYC (Staff Pick) – Jemga (Staff Pick)

Finally, we’d like to recognise the following filmmakers whose films were chosen as Staff Picks: – Sodbuster (Staff Pick) – Maria Raptaki (Staff Pick)

We are extremely proud of the Genero community for such a wonderful display of talent, especially working with an interactive platform for the first time! We are really looking forward to bringing you more interactive opportunities, and continuing to help filmmakers grow their careers and experience in unique and innovative ways.

You can click through to each artist at the following link to watch the full collection of films: