Otis Redding – “These Arms Of Mine” Official Video Selection

The Otis Redding Estate have made their official selection in our project to make a video for Otis Redding.

A huge congratulations to Nicolas Beauchemin (Canada) who receives $4,000!

We received some great videos for this project, obviously inspired by Otis Redding’s wonderful songs.

A special congratulations to the two other videos selected in the top-3:

genero.tv/watch-video/37632queLeLe (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/37608EdJansen (Netherlands)

Thanks to all filmmakers who submitted a video, and a big congrats to the wider finalist group.

genero.tv/watch-video/37639LeslieAndrewRidings (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/37636Ilya Yakimchuk (Poland)
genero.tv/watch-video/37610TimothyCasten (Australia)
genero.tv/watch-video/37631brunomfg (Brazil)
genero.tv/watch-video/37604DexMedia (Spain)
genero.tv/watch-video/37638cetre (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/37645kubagryzewski (Poland)

Watch all videos submitted to Otis Redding.