Moby – Almost Home

We are extremely excited to be able to announce the results of our project with Moby, who has made his official selection from the outsanding list of finalists.

Moby teamed up with Damien Jurado for the mesmerising track Almost Home, and we want to offer a huge congratulations to Mr. Duck, whose out-of-this-world film has been chosen as the official video for the song. Mr. Duck receives $6,000 for his brilliant tale of two astronauts struggling to survive.

“I was so impressed with the creativity and quality of all of the videos that were submitted, but i ended up choosing this one because of it’s emotional quality and also because it involves astronauts and outer space… and as a science nerd i’m of course drawn to anything involving astronauts and outer space. Thanks, Moby”

We were thrilled to receive such an incredible calibre of videos for this project, and would like to thank everyone for taking part!

A special congratulations is also in order for all finalists, Staff Picks and the other five videos selected in Moby’s top six.

Moby’s Finalists: Bremer (Germany) Staff Pick (United States) Staff Pick Martinie (France) Staff Pick (Italy) (Romania) Staff Pick

Wider Finalists: – (France) Staff Pick (Italy) Hensen (Netherlands) (United States) Staff Pick kazan (France) Staff Pick Pantoja (United States) Staff Pick Kruesselmann (Germany) (United States) Staff Pick Keleptrishvili (Russia) Staff Pick (Bulgaria) Schurev (Russia) Staff Pick (Argentina) Staff Pick (Poland) Staff Pick Mary (France) (India) (United States) Anderlon (Croatia) (Spain) whyte (Australia) Staff Pick (Spain)|Below (New Zealand) (Poland) Staff Pick Dwivedi (India) (Mexico) (Romania) (Canada) (Italy)