Khari Mateen – ‘Day By Day’ Official Music Video Selection

Last year we had the pleasure of awarding a music video budget to the insanely talented Khari Mateen, and after careful selection from Khari and his team, we can now announce the results.

Congratulations to Cwpelletier who receives $5,000!

We’re suckers for a cute little dog here at Genero, so we’re pleased to see this striking black & white film selected for Khari’s track ‘Day By Day‘.

A big shout out as always to our wider finalist group, and Staff Picks, who will be eligible for the 2014 Genero Awards: – LIONDROME (USA) Staff Pick – Sasza Danilovic (Poland) Staff Pick – rusenminchev (Bulgaria) Staff Pick – Timo Hensen (Netherlands) – Shojne (Serbia) – edricmartin (France) – Pierre Demaret (France) – bennettjohhnson (UK) – robsholty (USA)

Check out all the submissions here: