Introducing Quality Ranking on Genero

We’re very excited to announce that we’re launching Quality Ranking and Achievements badges on Genero!

Quality Rankings recognise creatives who consistently do quality work on Genero and rewards them with higher rankings and a range of benefits as they demonstrate creativity, talent and professionalism. Quality Ranking also ensures filmmakers with higher rankings standout to prospective clients looking to commission Genero directors to help them get more paid work.

Quality Rankings

We’ve introduced 4 Quality Ranking levels to help recognise our community as they get more involved on Genero and demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver great work: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM! All these quality levels can be reached by getting involved on Genero via Video Projects by submitting videos, and Video Job Briefs by pitching treatments.

Quality Ranking badges are displayed on your profile pages, on videos and on your treatment/pitch submissions to Job Briefs, so the higher your ranking the more paid work you’re likely to get on Genero.

PLATINUM filmmakers (and sometimes GOLD filmmakers too) get access to some exclusive projects and opportunities with Genero, clients and partners, exclusive production funding for Video Projects and personal projects and more. You can achieve a PLATINUM Quality Ranking by completing more work on Genero and meeting the PLATINUM criteria.

Learn more about Quality Rankings.


Filmmakers will receive a badge each time you earn an Achievement on Genero. Achievements include being an Official Selection, Staff Pick, Runner Up, Finalist and more. Achievements are listed on your profile.

View all the Achievements.

We’ve got more great community features in the pipeline coming very soon, so stay tuned!