George Harrison – ‘What Is Life’ Results

On the 13th anniversary of his death, we would like to celebrate the incredible work of George Harrison by announcing the official music video for ‘What Is Life‘, selected by Dhani & Olivia Harrison.

The video is a beautiful fit for the song, and we’d like to congratulate director Brandon Moore, who receives $5,000, as well as all the filmmakers involved in the project!

Official Selection:

 Brandon Moore (United States)

Prize Finalists:

Congratulations to the following selected Finalists, who will be receiving The Apple Years box set:

ALVARORTEGA (Spain) Staff Pick

Boellinger (United Kingdom)

henrysorren (Taiwan)


All Finalists:

We would also like to give a bit shout out to our wider Finalist group and Staff Picks: GFMorini (United States) Staff Pick creaziona (Spain) Staff Pick Alizee Cholat (France) GalinetteStudio (Canada) NTA Productions (United States) alexander.granskog (Sweden)

You can watch all the videos submitted on the project page: