Director Of The Year – Genero Awards 2013

It’s time to announce the biggest prize of the 2013 Genero Awards!

This award is given to one very talented filmmaker, based on the quality, creativity and originality of their body of work across Genero projects throughout the year.

Director Of The Year ($10,000)

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the Director Of The Year for 2013 is Brendan Huza. 

After joining the site with a finalist film for Steve Aoki in 2012, Brendan took things to a new level in 2013 as one of our most successful filmmakers to date!

As well as a finalist film for Miss Kittin and collaborating on a Staff Pick for Stone Temple Pilots, he won four different projects with his unique animation style and clever storytelling ability.

Brendan first took out a project for Diamond Runaways, with his nod to 80s films and his first ever animation, soon followed by his winning film for Bingo Players, which made us think twice about innocent old grandparents!

Later in the year, Brendan’s height-reaching music video for Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros was selected as the overall winner, before he capped off his incredible run with a gender swap music video for the iconic Aretha Franklin!

We were constantly blown away by Brendan’s incredible hard work and ability to captivate audiences and artists alike, and want to thank him for his consistent and exciting contributions to Genero. Brendan recently created an interactive film for our Ellie Goulding project, and we look forward to seeing even more work from him in 2014!

Here’s what Brendan had to say on the win:

“Ya-hooo! I am beyond honored and thankful to have been selected as Director of the Year. Genero has provided me with an amazing platform to experiment, learn, grow and produce as an artist. The whole Genero team has been so helpful and encouraging over the past year, and I wanted to thank each and every staff member for their support.

And I have to say how much I have been blown away by the Genero community. I am always impressed by the level of talent and creativity displayed in every project. It’s always fun to compete and see how other artists from around the world interpret the same song in such diverse ways.

A year ago, I decided to try my hand at my first ever animation when I entered the ‘Diamond Rings’ contest. I never would’ve imagined coming this far with it, and that’s thanks to Genero and the support of the community. Each project allowed me the chance to learn more and push farther. Whether I won or lost, it was always a great learning experience that I am grateful for.

There wasn’t a single project entry that I didn’t at one point, doubt about even submitting. I was afraid it would be too weird, too crazy, that no one would understand or like it, including entries that went on to success. So my advice would be: Always take the chance. Be crazy. Be weird. Do it because you believe in it.”

To find out more about the director, take a look at our behind the scenes interview from when we caught up with him last year.

Runners Up ($2,500)

There were some incredibly talented filmmakers across the board on in 2013, but we also want to recognise four Director of The Year Runners Up.

A huge congratulations goes to the stunning cinematographer Kacper, director/choreographer Joroy, animation studio Piccolopiccolo and quirky filmmaker Killaura.

Each of these directors stood out from the crowd in 2013 with the quality of their videos, and we’re proud to reward their contributions to Be sure to take a look at their work!

Alongside Brendan Huza, our Runners Up will also have the opportunity to pitch film projects as part of our Genero Production Grants, from which we’ll be awarding two $5,000 budgets throughout this year.

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