The Flaming Lips Results Announced!

We are excited to announce that The Flaming Lips have made their decision on the project to make the music video for “Look…The Sun Is Rising”. Congratulations to Micah Buzan (USA) who receives $4,000!

Micah describes the complexities of the drawings involved and the evolving nature of his video’s narrative:

“Taking over 2,000 drawings to complete, this hand-drawn animation details the eccentric ecosystem of some planet.

Animals on this planet live trapped in orbs, which are connected to machines that use animal energy as a means of producing clouds of various colors for the sun.

This one animal controls a flying-machine that is powered by an organ. When played, this organ produces rainbow clouds. He flies through the sky without any worries – playing his organ with the belief that he is truly free – until he finally confronts the planet’s sun.

The story is open for interpretation. I hope you guys like it!”

A huge thanks to all filmmakers who submitted a video for this project. There were some incredibly creative, beautiful and ‘outside-the-box’ entries for this project. A final congratulations to the wider finalist group and Genero Awards Staff Picks: (Czech Republic) – Staff Pick (Canada) – Staff Pick (Mexico) Staff Pick (Australia) – Staff Pick (Italy) – Staff Pick (Equador) – Staff Pick (Italy) (Hungary) (United States) Josko Pecos (Italy) (United Kingdom) Wetzel (United States) Rosendorf (United States) (United States) (United States) Castillo (United States) delfin (Poland) (Romania)Ċš (Poland) (United States) (Canada) (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom)