The Flaming Lips’ “Look The Sun Is Rising”: Behind The Scenes

This week we caught up with animator Micah Buzan, winner of The Flaming Lips project. Micah explains his time consuming and complex process for creating this psychedelic animation. With over 2,000 hand drawn pictures making up his video, Micah compares his narrative and aesthetic to the quality of dreams:

“I think most of us have woken up from a crazy dream and tried to tell someone about it, and the moment you use words to try to explain this bizarre, crazy dream, it suddenly doesn’t sound that interesting anymore.

The cool thing about animation is it allows the mind to bypass words and project the dream straight onto a surface for other people to see, you know, without being obscured by language. And it’s much more interesting that way, to tell your dreams with pictures because then it is more open for interpretation, and people can use it with their own dreams, and decide what it’s going to be about”.

Congratulations again to Micah Buzan, whose animation truly captured the quality of not only the song, but The Flaming Lips themselves. Be sure to check out all of The Flaming Lips video entries.