Sven Helbig – Official Selection!

A message from Sven:

The winner of the project for the official FROST video is Claudia Starkey. Congratulation!

Many filmmakers put their energy and spirit in the creation of 35 intriguing videos. I feel thankful and honored. A big and heartfelt “Thank You“ to all participants. Please, check here:

I decided to go for Claudia Starkey’s work, because she found a way to illustrate the two worlds merged in this track – a lyrical surface and the critical condition behind it. Her interpretation comes with the question: what kind of world will our children live in? This has always been an important question for me, but these days we need some fundamental and global changes to preserve our environment for the next generation. I am glad that this essential issue echoed back into the track FROST, made visible by this video.

Claudia is very active with other video works on that subject, too. Please have a look here:

Now I am happy to present the official video for FROST from the album POCKET SYMPHONIES:

Great work, Claudia! A huge thanks to all filmmakers who submitted a video for FROST, and a special thanks to the wider finalist group: (United States) Paulikas (Lithuania) Men (United States) (Russia) (Argentina) (Poland) – Staff Pick (United States) Earth Films (United States)