Sick Individuals & Axwell Ft Taylr Renee – I Am

Axwell and Sick Individuals have made their selection for the project to make the music video for “I Am” ft Taylr Renee.

A huge congratulations to Matthew Laeng whose video is now the official music video for “I Am” and was premiered on Rolling Stone! Matthew receives $5,000.

Update: They were so happy with the quality of videos submitted that they’ve also purchased four more videos which will be used as the official videos for remix versions of the track. Check them out below: (United States) Staff Pick (United States) Staff Pick Angel Duran (Spain) Staff Pick (United Kingdom)

A big thanks to all filmmakers who submitted a video. We know the artists were blown away by your work! And congrats the the wider finalist group and Staff Picks: (Hungary) Staff Pick (Australia) Staff Pick Design and Nick Dertsas (United States)é Ribeiro (Portugal) (United States) Merritt (United States) Faramarzi (United States) Hensen (Netherlands) (United States)