Patrick Watson: Blackwind Winner

Patrick Watson have made their selection for Blackwind. Congratulations to Chloe Poirier-Sauve (Canada) who receives £2,000 and has her film become the official video!

Here’s what Patrick and the band had to say:

“OK, it took us an insane amount of time to pick a winner. Don’t think that it wasn’t important to us! Quite the contrary actually… The last couple of months were completely insane, with a crazy schedule that left us barely standing. Not a good time to be judges of anything! So we decided it was better for everyone – you and us ! – to get to this with a clear head.

And then, well, we never thought there would be that many good entries. Crazy. And of course, we couldn’t agree on what should win. In the end, we decided to go with a video that impressed us with it’s artistic qualities. It struck us as more than a music video: it stands on it’s own as a work of art, which just happens to be inspired by our music.”

“This wasn’t an easy choice. When it came down to make the final call, I need to mention 6 other videos that came close. Some we liked for the story, some for the beautiful images, some surprised us, others simply touched us. And they go in every direction, which amazes me: who would think one song could inspire so many different feelings and ideas?”

Special mentions: Heitz de Chabaneix (France) van Eekelen (Netherlands) (Canada) (United States) (Argentina) (South Korea)

What an amazing level of quality, vision and beauty for this project. Thank to everyone who submitted a video. And a special congrats to all the finalists and Genero Awards nominees: Heitz de Chabaneix (France) – Nominee van Eekelen Netherlands) – Nominee (Canada)Étienne Vigneault (Canada) (Poland) GØASMAT (France) ODDO (France) (United States) (Canada) – Nominee McAdam (Canada) (Canada) – Nomineeëlle and Amandine (France) – Nominee (Italy) – Nominee (South Korea) – Nominee (United States) (United States – Nominee (Argentina) – Nominee (Hong Kong) Farghly (United Kingdom) – Nominee impunie (France) – Nominee