Owl City’s ‘Gold’ – Behind The Scenes

This week we spoke with our Owl City ‘Gold’ project selection, Zane Schwartz and Kevin Wolf (WOLFBYTE) from the United States. These up and coming filmmakers explain their production processes, right from deconstructing the song lyric by lyric to filming techniques for some of their more complex scenes.

A particularly intriguing response is when Kevin and Zane explain their pre-production process of analysing the waveform of the song in order to ‘paper’ edit before the actual filming has even begun:

“Our main thing was a poster that had the waveform that we got off Soundcloud.com, and then we split up the waveform into different sections; like the intro, the verse one, chorus, verse two, chorus, outro, bridge. I took all the different sections and we typed the lyrics, and then within each lyric tried to make sure all the cuts fit, so we kind of pre edited, did a ‘paper-cut'” – Kevin

“Basically as like a little visual reference for us” – Zane

“Exactly, so to make sure when it was time to edit, we knew that, okay this location gets fit into this part of the song” – Kevin

A very interesting concept that could be extremely useful for filmmakers so as to further relate to the aesthetic and pace of a particular song.