Miss Kittin – Official Selection

Miss Kittin has made her selection for Maneki Neko, with a huge congratulations going out to San Charoenchai of the United States for his animated interpretation of the song. San receives $5,000 for his video!

Here’s what Miss Kittin had to say about her selected video:

“Thanks for all the videos, it was a pleasure to watch your creations, filmed and animated, around the world. I am so lucky to get such a diversity of talents supporting my music. It’s already huge.

The winner is “San Charoenchai” . The character and the story was outstanding, especially considering my love for Japan and the complexity of the environmental situation over there. But mostly, the video is combining the 2 poles I am interested in while creating, the darkness, the irony, the fun, that exits in all things, in order to bring joy and go beyond our limits and open our minds.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

As said by Miss Kittin, there was great diversity and creativity in response to Maneki Neko, and a further congratulations goes out to all our finalists and Staff Picks for this project!

genero.tv/watch-video/36628 – GUNFISH (France) Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/36616bartek.grala.77 (Poland)
genero.tv/watch-video/36634GuySmileZ (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/36646jemga (Canada)
genero.tv/watch-video/36648Glendon_and_Isabella (Israel)
genero.tv/watch-video/36653romeoycarolina (Mexico)
genero.tv/watch-video/36664MicahBuzan (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/36681Brendan Huza (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/36597Mighty Mouse (France)
genero.tv/watch-video/36600visuall (Poland)
genero.tv/watch-video/36608Pauline GØASMAT (France)
genero.tv/watch-video/36624lextfe (Spain)
genero.tv/watch-video/36650Anthon Phillipson (Belgium)
genero.tv/watch-video/36670Carl R. Diamond (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/36671Haris Pilton (Belgium)
genero.tv/watch-video/36700piccolopiccolo (Italy)
genero.tv/watch-video/36828Claustr And Phobia (France)

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