Jim James – Official Selection

Jim James has made his official selection for A.E.I.O.U (State of the Art)! Congratulations to Staci DeGagne, Alexander Fletcher and Joe Barham of San Francisco-based production company Clean White Linestheir film becomes the official video, and received a premiere on Billboard.

Here’s what Jim James had to say:

“They did a really good job and it was a cool chance to have this kind of fan interaction process because I love people getting the chance to get their work out there through one of my songs. I grew up in a place — Louisville, Ky. — where there aren’t too many opportunities for upcoming bands, so things like this are really cool. It’s really exciting to me because it gives somebody a chance that might not have had a chance.”

Thanks so much to all filmmakers who submitted a video for this great song! And a special congrats to the wider finalist group and Staff Picks!

genero.tv/watch-video/36873davidtheday (United States)
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genero.tv/watch-video/36879jasmine.daghighian (United States) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/36883couchfort (United States) – Staff Pick
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genero.tv/watch-video/36716Krzychu-Krzych (Poland)
genero.tv/watch-video/36835Robert.Kolodny (United States)
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