Houndmouth – Official Selection

Houndmouth have made their official selection for their track Casino (Bad Things). A huge congratulations to Lighthouseprods (Anthony Caronna and Alexander Smith). Their very funny and entertaining video is the official video for “Casino (Bad Things)”, and they receive $4,000!

We had some incredible videos submitted for this project! Congratulations goes out to the wider finalist group and Staff Picks!

genero.tv/watch-video/37039Jelenowski (Czech Republic) Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/37041Lucilelucile and GDMDADM (France) Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/37064MadFoxPictures (United States) Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/37043Ctrl S (France)
genero.tv/watch-video/37046Monsieur B – Monsieur R (France)
genero.tv/watch-video/37058jficklin (United States) Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/37061Chimp (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/37085BeechwoodFilm (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/37091jethromassey (France)
genero.tv/watch-video/37059Vaudeo Productions (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/37070jcalardo (United States)

Watch all the of Houndmouth video submissions here!