Introducing the Genero Marketplace

We’re extremely excited to announce the official launch of the Genero Marketplace.

The Genero Marketplace gives filmmakers the opportunity to sell their videos submitted to Genero projects, and provides music artists and brands a unique platform to buy amazing video content to be re-edited for their projects.

How it works: Filmmakers set prices to sell their non-winning Genero videos without the music or other copyright assets, or leave it open to accept offers. The sale price includes up to 10 hours of their time to re-edit the video for the new music or brand use.

Buyers can browse through a library of over 4,000 videos, find a video that’s suitable and send their brief and offer a price to the filmmaker. Once a filmmaker accepts, we take the payment and the filmmaker re-edits the video for the new project and the buyer gets all rights to the finished video!

Explore the Genero Marketplace now!

Have questions? Check out the Genero Marketplace Help and FAQs.