Featured Filmmaker: Vasily Ovchinnikov

This weeks Featured Filmmakers is Vasily Ovchinnikov, Russian based filmmaker who has created some incredible videos for many of Genero.tv’s projects. With two staff picks, and three finalist videos, Ovchinnikov explains how he prefers to work in smaller teams, capturing ‘miracles’ and ‘seriously scary things’ in his unique experimental and surreal style.

While taking a look at his Scala and the Kolacny Brothers video, Vasily explains the way in which he uses the camera is a mere tool to capture images and ‘film language’, as well as explain the ever changing and adaptive nature of any film shoot.

“I planned it to be a little bit about other things, while filming everything when its way and so the story turned out a little bit different from what I had initially planned. Basically this happens quite often, it’s okay, it is impossible to think through and plan out all the details in the head…

I personally think that the camera is not the most important thing. The same rules of image apply everywhere, but the camera, the tool, dictates its own film language.

Be sure to check out all of Vasily Ovchinnikov’s Genero videos here.