Featured Filmmaker: NOAMIR

We recently caught up with Genero filmmaker NOAMIR for a chat about filmmaking, music video and making the selected music video for Other Lives ‘Dust Bowl III’, which was also a runner up for Video of the Year at the Genero Awards 2012.

Hi NOAMIR, thanks for talking to us! How did you find out about Genero?

On the internet, via the David Lynch music video project.

How did it feel being announced as one of our top 6 videos for the year?

It gives me assurance to keep going and make more movies! I hope Other Lives call me back to make another music video for them!

What sort of work have you done in the music video space before?

Since I began to make videos, it was closely connected to the music. My brother is a drummer and I share a lot of time with musicians. I really like to create images with music, it’s very inspiring! But there is not enough money in Europe in the independent music video space. This is bad in that we have to make videos with cheap tools, but good in that it pushes artists to be creative with what they have around for free! I’ve made around 12 music videos before now. And a lot of teasers, ‘making of’ the album, live capture etc.

How long have you been making short films/music clips? Did you study film making?

My first experience in filming was back to when I was 10 or 12 ! So I’ve been making films for 15 years more or less… I studied drawing animation in Brussels at La Cambre, I passed four years ago, and now I’m working as an independent film director in Brussels.

Tell us about the production process of making your video for Dust Bowl III. Were there any particularly complex scenes to shoot? And the actor, he is amazing, where did you find him?

The actor is a friend of mine, I wanted to find a character that could really fit him and when I listened to the Dust Bowl III, I imagined this story about a lost man in the city who’s fighting with his inside demons, it was the perfect character for him.

The shooting was wild, no authorization (for the public square) except for the museum, it was very intense! Filming in the museum was totally surreal, being there alone… and the most testing part was in the commercial street with a lot of people around, and him – the actor – he feigned discomfort, and nobody reacted… He was on the ground, like dead in the middle of the street and all these people walking aorund, they did not react! We were not confortable to film such apathy!

What camera/equipment did you use? How did the concept come about?

We worked with a steady camera and 7D Canon. I was totally free to create what I really wanted, nobody to tell me “don’t do this like that”, “It’s too much”, “It’s not enough” 🙂 I wanted to be close to intimate feelings, sensations. I wanted to film somebody who’s talking to himself, to his “inside demons” and who is trying to focus on little things (a sound, a detail, a look) to stay up. If there is no place for me here, i will dance into another land. This is what it is about. It’s about a man looking for inner peace. The painting reminds him that things never change, the human behaviour is full of violence, and he won’t fight against. It’s about loss of hope. It’s a little bit sad actually. But he finds peace somehow at the end.

Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

A lot! For now I’m working on three short films and three music videos. I’m looking for opportunities to work more in the USA and England, to travel. I’m welcome to many different projects! I want to keep working with music videos but most of all with movies and one day a feature film for sure!

Thanks so much, NOAMIR, for taking the time to talk to us!