Clare Bowditch – ‘One Little River’ Results!

Clare Bowditch has made a selection for our project to make the music video for ‘One Little River’. Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Everyone who made a clip for One Little River

It’s almost impossible for me to explain to you in this small note how utterly impressed I am by your film-clips… but I’m gonna try anyway…

Your talent, your thoughtfulness and the quality of this work is just incredible. We (myself, band-mates, producers, record-company) are completely overwhelmed with the amount of effort and time you must have taken to make these clips.

We have been a little tortured by the task of choosing just one winner, so even though these are the rules of the game, please once again accept our deep thanks for the effort you have gone to and our condolences that you weren’t the winner this time. I hope what you made will be useful to you in another context, and that you learnt something along the way.

In the end and after much deliberation we have chosen to go with clip that combined three factors: a beautifully told (acted) story, stunning cinematography, and very importantly, a sensitivity to the actual rhythm of the song. The interpretation of the different stages and build of the song was really worthy.

For all of you, that you saw fit to commit yourself to this task with such grit and cleverness is an absolute honour to me and to everyone who worked on this song.

Thank you so much and for goodness sake, if you feel the calling and you can ride all of these ups and downs that it takes to make your living doing the things you love, please don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

Clare xoxo

A huge congratulations to Hélène Authevelle and Christophe Thiebaut (Italy) who receive $5,000 and whose beautiful and touching video becomes the official music video for ‘One Little River’!

Like Clare, we want to thank all those filmmakers who submitted a video for this project. A special congratulations to the finalists and Genero Awards Staff Picks: (Poland) – Staff Pick (United States) – Staff Pick Baker (Australia) (Italy) (Mexico) Collos (France) (Serbia) (United Kingdom) (Czech Republic) pictures (Latvia) Aubrey (Australia)