BNL – Boomerang Video

Barenaked Ladies have made their selection in the project to make a music video for “Boomerang”.

A big congratulations to Izzy B and Jacob Larys who receive $5,000!

Here’s what BNL’s Tyler Stewart had to say:

“Never before have we had so many professional looking films to choose from for a single… In the end, It was a tough decision, but the charming and simple animated video from Jacob Larys and Izzy B caught all of our attention and we declared it the winner based on the great visualization of the themes in the song. Congratulations Jacob and Izzy.”

A big congrats to BNL’s favourites, and of course to the wider finalist group: Williams (United Kingdom) Melia (Spain) (Spain) Fernández (Mexico) Stuff (United States) (Australia) (United States) (United States) Holland (United Kingdom) (United States)