Director of the Year – 2012 Genero Awards

In early 2012 we announced the Genero Awards – recognition for exceptional videos and filmmakers from our community for the entire year.

The Director of the Year award seeks to recognise filmmakers who submitted an exceptional body of work to Genero projects in 2012. We’re always humbled by the amazing creativity and hard work of directors and filmmaking teams who create multiple films for Genero. These directors branch out with their narratives, filmmaking techniques and visual aesthetics while maintaining high quality productions.

Director of the Year Runner Up: Row and Jack

Row and Jack submitted an amazing eleven(!) videos in 2012, with four videos being nominated into the Genero Awards, six project finalists, two project runners up, and two wins (for Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Aways Waiting’, and Animal Kingdom’s ‘Get Away With It’).

Passionate filmmakers, this team are just as comfortable shooting crazy, vivid films like their Passion Pit nominee; beautiful, crisp imagery like their Graffiti6 runner up; or clever, engaging narrative like their John Mayer nominee.

Congratulations, Row and Jack, we’re proud to have you as part of our filmmaking community! Row and Jack receive a runner up prize of $3,000!

Director of the Year Runner Up: Jemga

Jem’s first submission to Genero was a winner: Ringo Starr ‘Wings’. Jem and her team went from concept to hitting the upload button in just five days! The win resulted not only in her being name-checked by Ringo himself, but also coverage in Canada’s The Globe and Mail.

Jem and her team followed this up with another win, this time for Linkin Park. Showing off a very talented young actor and some great visual effects, this film highlighted some skilful filmmaking craft.

Rounding out her submissions for the year were Jem’s finalist for M83, and nominee for Muse.

Congratulations, Jem, on such high quality films. Jem receives a runner up prize of $3,000!


Filmmaking team OMGITSME (Julia Rogowska, Magdalena Załęcka, Adam Andrzejewski & Adam Mendry) submitted five videos in 2012 with every one of them being nominated into the Genero Awards. Their videos have shown amazing atmosphere, narrative, cinematography, staging and scale. Every video is a joy to watch; they’re certainly world class music videos!

OMGITSME receive $10,000! Join us in congratulating them as Genero Director of the Year 2012!

We’ll have an interview with Julia, Magda, Adam and Adam from OMGITSME in the next couple of days including some thoughts on their videos from 2012 and some behind the scenes footage!

Watch OMGITSME’s videos from 2012 below:

Thank you to ALL Genero filmmakers for being involved in an amazing 2012. We have more great projects, new site features, and an expanded and even more exciting 2013 Genero Awards which will be announced shortly.