Yoplait Seasons

We’re launching a new challenge today in partnership with Yoplait that features $40,000 in prizes. There are 4 phases each related to one of the four seasons – fall, winter, spring and summer – with the brief to create films that show what is “so good” about each season.

The first challenge is to create a film showing “What makes fall so good?”, with the other three seasons to follow. The fall winner will get $8,000 and two runner ups will each be paid $1,000. This first challenge for fall closes October 8th.

Feel free to also get started shooting your films for any of the seasons when you feel the urge, and you can then upload them once that season competition opens. We’re not looking for product videos or videos of people eating yogurt, so interpret the theme creatively and be original.

Videos need to be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes and you can re-edit and submit your existing Genero videos that you think fit the theme.

All the details: genero.tv/yoplait