Yoplait Fall – Video Selections!

Yoplait’s brand purpose is to find the “so good” in everything around us. We wanted you to help by creating a film showing “What makes fall so good?”

A big congratulations to winner Lucas Melo (Brazil) who receives $8,000! Watch Lucas’ video!

Congratulations also to the runners up: 17:22 films from France (whose video is also a Genero Awards nominee), and CineNene from Mexico! They each receive $1,000!

Update: Yoplait have decided to purchase an extra 3 videos as runners up! Congratulations to  Ju’ (France), visuall (Poland) and CamerartProductions (Canada) who each receive $1,000!

Saatchi & Saatchi had this to say about the winner and runners up:

Lucas Melo – Besides the great technique and imaginative story, we love the playful nature of this film. The upbeat, positive and celebratory story feels very much in keeping with the Yoplait brand personality. And all the colors really remind us of all of our deliciously colorful flavors.

17:22 films – The actress in this film really won us over. She’s relatable, positive and just plain fun to watch. While the story celebrates the season, it also highlights the delicious flavors of Yoplait in an unexpected way.

CineNene – We love the quality of film in this short. The stop-motion of the leaves covering the actress and the push through five focal points near the end of the film were both beautiful and impressive. We also thought the spirit of the film really captured the “so good” spirit of Yoplait.

Ju – We were pulled into the sweet story, and we think the Yoplait fans will be as well. Plus the film looks good enough to eat… kind of like our yogurt!

Visuall – This story is playful, fun and positive, the three words we use most often to describe our Yoplait consumers

cameraartproductions – Pure entertainment. This one just makes us laugh… in a really innocently wonderful sort of way. And you can’t underestimate the power of laughter.

Thanks to everyone who submitted videos for this project, there were some ‘delicious’ films! Here are the finalists and Genero Awards nominees for this great project:

http://genero.tv/watch-video/33757Kristof Brandl (Canada)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34054SbatVideo (Italy)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34055Dalebbailey (Canada)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34067salva (Mexico)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34080clees (United States)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34083Safi (Romania)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34091dr.waggyu (Netherlands) – Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34094José R. (Portugal)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34051Manolis Foinikianakis (Greece) – Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/34109Mariscal (Mexico)

Remember, this is only the first in this Yoplait Seasons series! The current project is to make a film showing “What makes winter so good?” with $10,000 in payments on offer. Get out there, get creative and get filming!