SVIIB – The Night: Selections!

School of Seven Bells have made a selection in the project to make the official music video for The Night. Congratulations to the winner Allie Tsypin (USA) who gets the $2,500 payment and whose video will now be used as the official video for The Night.

You can watch Allie’s video here!

Here is what the band had to say about the project and their winner and finalist selections:

“Thanks for all the amazing work, thought and love put into the submissions for the project for The Night. This video really stood out for us in a big way. While there were so many amazing submissions, this one really did what music videos do best. It found a particular nuance in the song, and expanded upon it in a way that only the visual medium can. In a sense, being left behind makes children out of all of us. The conflict of the loneliness that suddenly comes over us in that situation, combined with the ecstasy of finally feeling free, is a really tough thing to capture, and we were so happy to see it brought to life in such a beautiful way. The casting is unbelievable! Not only is the resemblance incredible, the emotion in this girl’s face is beyond her years, and her performance nearly had us both in tears the first time we watched it together. I’m not sure I’ll hear The Night again without imagining this girl either dancing her heart out, tormented and trapped in a corner, or casting a dark spell over whoever left her there alone. It’s exactly what this song is meant to look like.”

The finalists and Genero Awards nominees are; – Jake_Morgan (UK) – Genero Award Nominee
“We enjoyed the ghostly feel to this video, which really fits the theme of the album.  The manner in which actions are implied or suggested is extremely effective”. – R_Jaime (USA)
“This video is very well-paced and the ending defied our expectations.” – Crimsoneye (Australia)
“The use of time-lapse here, particularly of the night sky, is an effective contrast to the stillness of the house and interior. Did the director interpret ‘the night’ literally as death?” – Chillbox (NZ) – Genero Award Nominee
“We thought this story was well-told and you can really identify with the characters. It’s beautifully edited.” – Solance (Poland)
“We love the colors in this video. It brings about a very nostalgic feel. The colors are soft yet extremely powerful.” – Wallon (France)
“This video stood out for obvious reasons. As amusing as the clip is on the surface, it has a serious overtone. Very well executed and a great way to send a message!”