Rea Garvey – Selections!

We’re happy to announce the video selections for the project to make a music video for Rea Garvey’s ‘Rise Before You Fall’.

Congratulations to De Díaz (Spain) whose video was selected, and who receives $4,500! Watch the winning video here:

Here’s what Rea had to say about the winning video, and the project:

“I Chose the video from De Díaz because it is the video I could imagine I would make if I were in the competition! It’s all about the emotion which the song lives from and every now and then the picture supports the message!! Thank you to everyone who took part, there were many great videos which were inspiring. I am very grateful for all your efforts!! God Bless, Rea”

Thanks to everyone who submitted a video, and a special congrats to the finalists: – Sophisma Pictures (Poland) – yosslevi (Israel) – samsara (France) – EnormousCupcake (UK)