Other Lives – Dust Bowl III: Selections!

After much deliberation due to the huge number of incredible entries, Other Lives have now chosen the winner in the project to make the video for Dust Bowl III. Congratulations to NOAMIR (Belgium), whose video was selected and who will receive the $3,500 payment!

Watch NOAMIR’s amazing video here.

It really was amazing how many brilliant videos were made for this project so congratulations to all of you on creating such beautiful pieces of film. Here is feedback from the band and below are the finalists and Genero Award nominees:

“Thanks so much to everyone at Genero and all the directors who submitted their videos for Dust Bowl III. It was really overwhelming and we appreciate each and every entry. It made the decision to pick a winner extremely difficult, to say the least. So much talent!!!!

“We felt the video by NOAMIR spoke to the music in a desperate, tense way, yet the beautiful cinematography that captured the city’s architecture as well as the Rubens painting ‘Montée au Calvaire’, played against the torment the actor portrayed so well. The pacing was also spot on as was the clever ending by the script writers. Just a wonderful experience for us all around. All the best, Other Lives”

The finalists and Genero Award nominees are:

http://genero.tv/watch-video/32952 – bubbleduchesse (Belgium) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32953 – hellodarcy (Canada)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32960 – Christian Letruria (Italy)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32971 – RiKyAN (France)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32973 – crsaxton (USA) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32974 – jarredluke (Australia) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32984 – kidding hsu (Taiwan)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32985 – AndyCraggs (UK)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32990 – astrophonique (Puerto Rico)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32995 – jethromassey (France) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33004 – navinramaswaran (Canada) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33009 – MeandMy Brother (Portugal)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33012 – Jekman (Ukraine)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33017 – alex whyte (Australia)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33018 – Mr. WH (Spain)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33020 – Kelzang Ravach (Portugal) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33027 – nightthief (UK) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33031 – Karim Huu Do (Switzerland) – Genero Award Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33035 – MythicalCreatures (USA)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33015 – Kempos (UK)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32980 – aetb (Canada)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/32999 – Charu_Kesh (India)