M83 – Steve McQueen: Selections!

M83 have chosen the winner for the project to make the music video for Steve MCQueen. Congratulations to Balthazar Auxietre (France) who receives £3,000 and whose video becomes the official video for Steve McQueen!

Here’s what Anthony said about the winning video:

“There is something very Michel Gondry about this video – it’s innocent and touching. I like the old school animation. It’s refreshing. Congratulations and well done!”

We asked Balthazar what inspired him to make this video:

“Even before making this video we were inspired by the music of M83 and all his body of work. He has created a sound of his own, made with a kind of “epic fragility”, something very visual, very atmospheric, which can bring powerful images and energy as a filmmaker. Unconsciously, we always associated his music to the power of childhood, an eagerness for life, and the kind of paradoxical energy you have when you grow up. Steve McQueen is representative of these feelings – a very exhilarating track, loaded with vivid colors – and that’s what we’ve tried to enhance.”

We received a huge amount of amazing submissions, so a big Thank You to everyone who took part in this project! A special congratulations to all finalists and Genero Awards nominees:

http://genero.tv/watch-video/33865omgitsme (Poland) – Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33875drgarcia3 (USA)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33857joaofelipe.khury (Brazil)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33829limonade (Belgium) – Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33822Marek_S (Poland) – Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33807robin plessy (France) – Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33782jemga (Canada)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33779Christopher.Meyers (United States)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33774Patrick Ha (United Kingdom)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33738Ben Battersby (United Kingdom)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33589Kristof Brandl (Canada)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33751Kelzang Ravach (Portugal)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33800Haris Pilton (Belgium) – Nominee
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33771Antoine.Cormier (France)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/3372417:22 films (France)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33756SauliusBaradinskas (Lithuania)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33794roni.azgad (Israel)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33873alex whyte (Australia)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33826Iker Elorrieta (Spain)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33810Padawan (Belgium)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33790strandloper (Japan)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33745visuall (Poland)
http://genero.tv/watch-video/33741NoPool (Australia)