Keane – Black Rain: Selections!

Keane have now chosen the winner in the competition to make the video for Black Rain. Congratulations to Andy Marsh (UK), whose video was chosen as the winner and who will receive the $5,000 payment and have his winning video premiered on VEVO!

Watch his winning video and the new official video for Black Rain!

Keane had this to say about Andy’s video:

“We loved Andy Marsh’s video for Black Rain. There’s a heartbreaking sense of a young boy’s dreams gone awry, a yearning for innocent times and high hopes, of love and kindness remembered in the face of violence and fear. Of course, I can’t say whether that’s what was intended at all! But either way the atmosphere of this story fits beautifully with the sense of the song, and even the sense of Strangeland as a record. The ghostly and surreal mood of the video also works perfectly with the feel of the music itself – sound and visuals complement each other and give each other more power, which is the ultimate achievement for a music video.”

There were some fantastic videos made for this contest so well done to everyone who entered. We hope you had fun making your videos and learnt a few things along the way.

Below are the finalists and Genero Award nominees: K├ęssimos (Brazil): Genero Nominee (USA) (Germany) Y JACQUES (UK): Genero Nominee (Russia): Genero Nominee (UK) (UK) (Israel) (Canada): Genero Nominee Rivas Tarbes (Spain)