Filmmaker: kidding hsu

We recently caught up with Genero filmmaker kidding hsu (Taiwan) and asked a few questions about Genero, filmmaking, and music! Check out the responses below…

What was it about that made you want to enter? Has it had an impact on your exposure or career?

My career is a music video director in my country, I saw which makes me so excited. Not only can I have chance to make a famous artist’s music video, I can also interflow with other directors from the world. I learn lots from here, is quite nice website for me. You guys let all creators gather here – directors, photographers, artist also. Creativity should not have boundaries.

How would you describe your film making style?

No real style, it depends on music or story. I used to shoot fast and rough, I thought the idea is the most important thing. Then I got some criticism, some frustration. Now I am starting to planning out carefully, shooting more smoothly, more improvement of the quality of the film. But idea still is the most important thing!

I shoot with a Canon 5D3. Easy to carry, high variability.

What sort of work have you done in the music video space before?

I did some music videos before Genero. They were all hip hop music, kind of rap music in Taiwan. I am trying to add story into it, trying to make something different instead of just always driving car or dancing with hot girl. I learned lot, most important one is teamwork.

Where are you hoping to head in the future?

DIE ANTWOORD. So ****ing cool. I’m counting on you! Also Jack Johnson, I’m counting on you again!

Watch kidding hsu’s finalist selection for SCHMIDT’s SinCity: