Featured Filmmaker: omgitsme

We recently caught up with Julia Rogowska (omgitsme) to chat about Genero, filmmaking and making the official video for The Milk. Read on…

Hi, Julia! What was it about Genero.tv that made you want to join? Has it had an impact on your exposure or career?

The main thing that made me join Genero was an opportunity to make videos for my favourite bands. Being a part of this huge community of filmmakers challenges your creativity, and gives a chance to show your work to international audience.

Thanks to Genero projects people started to notice our work, and bands in Poland started to invite us to work with with them. It was surprising how Polish media responded to our Steve McQueen video it was amazing how our work was appreciated.

However, the best thing that happened as consequence of all this fuss, was the birth of our formidable team. We are now a bunch of friends who are working on various projects. We are also truly amazed how many people offered us help in hand just like that.

All of your video submissions to Genero this year have been finalists or Genero Awards Nominees, and now you have a win with your video for The Milk. How would you describe your film making style?

It’s absolutely fantastic that all our videos are nominated. The first two videos I directed on my own. For The Milk and M83 videos I teamed up with my super awesome friend Magda Załęcka and we intend to stay that way for future productions. We share similar sense of humour, taste and sensibility. From the beginning our aim was to make music videos with stories not just with nice camera work and pictures. We don’t want to stick to one genre or style, but lately we have been inspired greatly by films from the 80’s such as “E.T.”, “Breakfast Club”, “Back to the future” and “The Goonies”.

What sort of work have you done in the music video space before?

For the first music video I have ever made, for the band Newest Zealand I was nominated for most innovative music video award.

Where are you hoping to head in the future?

We want to conquer the world with our videos! We want to take up the challenge and make films of various genres and styles. Our latest project is short movie, based on the script we wrote together. We are also making music videos for few Polish artists. My ultimate dream is to make a video for Katy Perry, for Magda – The Rolling Stones 🙂

We seem to get a steady flow of amazing videos from filmmakers based in Poland. Is there something in the water? What’s the filmmaking community like there?

In Poland we have so many talented and creative people and we are very proud of it. Our friend Michal won the contest for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes with his beautiful video. We also love Polish submissions for Temper Trap and M83 video contests. It gives us inspiration and energy.

Can you tell us a little bit about shooting the video for The Milk? 

The truth is that we felt in love with this song, it was so inspiring that we had 100 ideas for the video. From the beginning we knew that we wanted to have people dancing in it. We really wanted a big musical scene but reality forced us to make things simpler. We knew that the video must have had the same positive energy and power of this amazing song, so we came up with comic idea of “chavs musical”. By showing the secret life of everyday bullies, we wanted to make them look less scary.

We had so much fun on the set, it was really difficult to stay serious, the whole crew had to take breaks just to stop laughing. We were greatly, greatly impressed by the guys devotion, creativity and readiness to make complete fools of themselves, all for the greater good of our work. Our great production manager Ita Sypniewska was in charge of casting.

For the filming we used Canon 60 D. We didn’t have much lighting on the set, however our DOP Adam Andrzejewski was still able to make this picture interesting. For some scenes we used the best stedicam operator in Poland, Adam Mendry. This video, as well as the previous one wouldn’t have been made without our costume and set designer Magda Mojsiejuk who also is our chef, mediator, and psychologist. She’ s just always there when you need her.

I must admit that now, after this success we feel really up for the next challenge.

Thanks for chatting to us, Julia!

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