SCHMIDT – Sin City: Selections!

The jury has deliberated and the people have voted. The winners for SCHMIDT’s SinCity project have now been chosen!

The Overall Jury winner is CONTENTed (South Korea), a collaboration between Nils Clauss from CONTENTed and Stuart Howe from Studio163: They win the €5,000 Jury prize. Congratulations on a fantastic, original film that was entertaining from start to finish. A very deserved winner.

The Overall Audience Award winner, who received the most Facebook Likes, is Silvia Bordin (Italy): Another entertaining film with great humour that captured the SinCity theme perfectly. Silvia will also receive €5,000.

The 4 Jury Runners-Up, who each win €1,000, are:

inspiria (Germany):
We Hate Sundays (Spain):
square peg in a round hole (Hungary):
Zsuzsa Kohan (UK):

The Best Cinematography award goes to Michele Castellucci (UK): It’s a fantastic concept that’s executed perfectly. As a reward Michele’s DoP Joseph Fortebraccio will be going to the Berlin Film Festival in February.

There were so many other great films as well, so much respect to all of the talented filmmakers who entered.